Advanced Development in Odoo 13

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    In this multi-part course you’ll watch the development of a new Hibou application for Odoo 13: Boxes. Boxes allows you to interact easily with local hardware devices, such as label printers, scales, and other Raspberry Pi-based units.

    This series is divided into 5 parts and 22 videos (with more to come!). You’ll learn great tips and useful methods from Hibou President and Lead Developer, Jared Kipe.

    Part I: Intro and Environment

    • Introduction

    • Source Control + Starting New Projects Unpublished

    • Docker + Running Odoo

    • Pycharm Testing + Debugging

    Part II: Box - Base

    • Introduction & Module Layout

    • Models + Tests

    • Views, Actions, Menus

    • Javascript - Backend Communication

    • User Profile Model

    • Javascript - User Profile Selection

    Part III: PrintBox

    • Inheriting Models

    • Inheriting Views

    • Inheriting Javascript

    • Printing Report Actions

    Part IV: ShipBox

    • Computed Fields

    • Field Widgets

    • Javascript Scale

    • Automatic Label Printing

    • Git Commit

    Part V: PrintBox Queue

    • Queue Jobs

    • Box Communication Separation of Concerns

    • Queueing Report Prints