Advanced Development in Odoo 12

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    In this deep dive course you’ll explore the refactoring of an Hibou module from start to finish in Odoo 12.

    This 9-hour series is divided into two parts and 19-videos. Each video is packed with pro-tips, detailed explanations, real-time troubleshooting, and comprehensive coding. You’ll benefit from both the “how” and “why” along the way!

    Part I

    • Intro to Refactoring a Module

    • Prerequisites

    • Writing Tests

    • Refactoring Tests + Access Rights

    • Adding New Views

    • Additional Functionality: Advanced Views

    • Refactoring Flow

    • Review + Commit

    Part II

    • Search Views

    • Smart Buttons

    • Module Extraction + Installation Scripts

    • Computed Fields

    • Migration Scripts

    • User Experience After Review

    • Feature: Historic Tasks Many2Many

    • Sprint Timesheets

    • Automated Task Sprint Relationship via Timesheet

    • Automated Forecasts

    • Migration + Commit

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