US Payroll Calculations

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FICA, FUTA, and Federal Withholdings

Having payroll setup in Odoo can save time and money, and with comprehensive Federal calculations you have all the pieces you need to effortlessly run your own payroll.

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FICA, FUTA, Federal Withholding, Oh My!

Making sense of IRS Publication 15

In general, the base module (l10n_us_hr_payroll) should form the basis for a 'US Employee' Salary Structure (that would be the parent of a state specific Salary Structure if need be). This module provides all of the Salary Rules (calculations), registers, and Partners (e.g. EFTPS).

The secondary module (l10n_us_hr_payroll_account) is a very basic mapping between the stock Odoo US Chart of Accounts and the various Salary Rules from above. These mappings are very generic and probably not appropriate for general use, and is meant for testing or inspiration. (Odoo's Chart of Accounts lacks specific accounts for things like Employee Net Payable, and I suggest that you create your own!)

Main Features

  • Social Security and Medicare withholding (collectively FICA) (with caps)
  • Additional Medicare calculation
  • Friendly separation between Employee and Company Contributions
  • Federal Unemployment withholding (FUTA) (with caps)
  • Federal Income Tax Withholding
  • Contribution Registers and Contacts to ease paying and filing forms 940 and 941
  • Unit tested rules and rates for 2016 from IRS Publication 15 (Circular E)

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