Senior ERP Business Analyst + Implementation Consultant

Hibou is seeking the best senior Odoo business analyst and implementation consultant with a proven track record in successfully launching projects while creating customer champions!


  • Analyze customer needs and propose appropriate solutions.
  • Project Management: Oversee the entire project, manage timelines, and ensure the successful completion of deliverables.
  • Collaborate with + negotiate for necessary development (or other speciality) resources to execute specific  requirements.
  • Provide functional support and tailor-made trainings/participate in first-line support.
  • Assist the sales team during pre- and post-sales.

Must Have

  • Expert-Level: Understanding and breaking down business needs/processes into "digestible" pieces with appropriate solutions
  • Expert-Level: Implementation of multiple business types within an ERP ecosystem (preferably Odoo)
  • Expert-Level: Communication, negotiation, and organizational skills
  • Expert-Level: Standard office tools/software (Google Docs, Google Spreadsheets, mail)
  • High-Level: Technical troubleshooting of common/basic issues associated with online business software usage
  • High-Level: Ability to self-problem solve (effective at researching + testing or suggesting next steps)

Nice to Have

  • Experience in an Odoo ERP implementation at a senior level.
  • Degree in Business Administration or Accounting
  • Background in eCommerce management and platforms

Preferred Qualifications and Experience:

  • 5+ years experience in business operations management, with the ability to showcase or describe the work in detail.
  • 5+ years experience in implementing and managing an ERP software, preferably as a service to clients, with the ability to provide and explain recent implementation work.

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Who is Hibou?

Hibou is a USA-based (with international presence) team of Odoo implementation, customization, and support specialists. We assist companies of all shapes and sizes in modernizing their processes across the entire organization: Sales, eCommerce, inventory, accounting, manufacturing, and beyond.

With 10 years in the Odoo ecosystem (and many before that in operations/eCommerce), Hibou has also developed and and maintains a curated suite of modules and applications to meet specific business needs.

Hibou Values

We believe in a three-way win in our work and interactions: The client, the company, and the employee should win.

This means that we always give our best effort, are highly accountable to each other/our clients, and take ownership in all things.

Who We Want to Hire

Driven, inquisitive, and enthusiastic about problem-solving. Folks who enjoy helping others grow and enjoy reaching personal or team achievements. Hardworking contributors.