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Best-in Class Odoo Hosting

For both Odoo Community and Odoo Enterprise, supporting build and deploy pipelines for Odoo versions 11 through 16! As your database and resource needs grow, Hibou Roost will grow with you.

Hibou Roost utilizes the following industry-standard technologies, each of which is described in further detail in the Terminology section:

  • Kubernetes

  • Rancher

  • Longhorn

  • Gitlab CI/CD Pipeline

            General Pricing

            Getting Started

            $ 160 .00

            / month
            • 4 CPU
            • 8GB RAM
            • 60GB Storage
            • Test Environment Included


            $ 280 .00

            / month
            • 8 CPU
            • 16GB RAM
            • 120GB Storage
            • Test Environment Included

            Dedicated hardware solutions are also available

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            Hibou recommends 4 CPU to start. With this configuration, 2 CPU is dedicated to Postgres and 2 CPU is dedicated to Odoo.

            CPU and RAM will be used by other underlying systems for facilitating things like backup and monitoring.

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            Hibou recommends 8 GB of RAM to start, which is allocated as follows:

            • Postgres Database Server: 3GB

            • Odoo: 3GB

            • Redis In Memory Database/Key+Value Storage: 128MB

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            Hibou starts new clusters with the ability to horizontally scale to new available nodes. Run Postgres replicas for read only workloads or failover, while maintaining filesystem access for Odoo's filestore across all nodes.

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            Test Environment

            A test environment plays a valuable role in agile development and as a testing ground for users to review potential functionality without interrupting operations.


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            Hibou Roost offers fast, secured, redundant, reliable, and monitored Odoo deployments with automatic container restart upon error detection*. In addition, it efficiently provides automatic app and module upgrades, logs, non-disruptive isolated snapshot backups that are triple replicated across nodes and stored securely offsite, high-availability persistent block storage, direct gitlab deployment for continuous integration, a managed network infrastructure, and scalable resources.

            If the majority of your operations are online and you don’t have a large in-house network infrastructure, you’ll need the security and flexibility to grow without limits online that Hibou Roost offers.

            Hibou Roost: A complete solution.

            Postgres, Minio Object Storage, Redis Session Management, Kubernetes, Rancher, Longhorn.

            * The nature of a detected issue may not be resolved with automatic restarts and may require manual intervention from the Hibou team

            Protecting Your Data

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            Data Availability + Backups

            While server resources are shared amongst clients (unless you have a dedicated server hosting agreement), your deployment is not. Deployments are per-client and are never shared. All client databases are isolated from others via independent deployments.

            Data is transmitted securely over HTTPS and Hibou Roost can provide an SSL certificate (via Let's Encrypt) if you do not already have one that you would like applied.

            Your production data is replicated across nodes within the cluster.

            Database snapshot backups are taken daily and stored off-site. These snapshots are retained for 14 days.

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            Server Locations

            Hibou has partnered with Linode.com to offer multi-cloud solutions and services.

            Hibou Roost is hosted in Linode data centers located in the United States of America (servers available on both the east and west coast) and Canada. Linode data centers provide the following data security measures:

            • High Security: Secured perimeters, 24/7 motion detection and video surveillance, employe verification to enter the premises, and restricted employee access to the data centers themselves.

            • Electricity: Linode data centers are supplied by multiple power systems.

            • Network Security Linode uses multiple internet carriers for a network that is fully redundant to ensure high availability.

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            Employee Access

            Hibou Roost deployments are only interacted with by Hibou employees (limited client access can be provided, upon request). Additionally, all Hibou employees are under non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements that cover any information or data that may be revealed during our interactions with you, your deployment, or your databases.

            Access to deployments are only provided to trained employees that are responsible for management of the deployment and/or your client project.  

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            Data Availability + Backups

            Hibou Roost is a fully managed solution that is provided by Hibou.

            Hibou can provide limited Rancher or Kubernetes deployment access to your employees, as requested. However, the client is responsible for any issues, downtime or damages caused by non-Hibou individuals that have been provided access. Hibou does not provide server management training as part of the Hibou Roost service and, thus, we recommend only IT administrators that have extensive experience with these technologies be granted access.

            Hibou will not provide deployment access to third-party individuals (such as app developers that would like server access). Neither Hibou or the client can attest to the skill or security level of these individuals, so providing them access would pose a risk to your data.



            Postgres Database Server: Postgres is the object-relational database server which acts as Odoo's database back-end. It stores long-term data.

            Minio Object Storage Server:  Minio is an "S3 Compatible" storage solution that is ideal as a centralized repository of small to large sized files (or "objects"). This provides the ability to run multiple Odoo instances sharing the same storage "bucket" or root level directory. You can access these remotely through HTTPS and API Users/Keys. The filestore can be accessed remotely in "read only" mode for local development and testing environments.

            Redis In Memory Database/Key+Value Storage: If Postgres is the backend for the long-term data and Minio is the long-term storage for all the image attachments (as well as other medium to small objects), what handles cache-like storage? That is where Redis comes in! It is a fast key value store that can serve as the "session" storage for Odoo.


            Kubernetes: Kubernetes is an open-source container-orchestration system for automating deployments, scaling, and general management. This powerful platform (when paired with Longhorn and Minio Object Storage) allows Hibou to perform no-downtime deployments, automatically restart containers if an issue is detected, and quickly scale resources up or down (for example, to provide additional resources during a high-traffic eCommerce promotion).

            Rancher: Rancher operates as the deployment management platform for Kubernetes. Deployments are fast and reliable, can perform automatic app or module upgrades upon re-deploy, and are monitored by Hibou staff from start-to-finish. Rancher also facilities easy access to workload logs and shell access. Rancher increases agility and productivity for your team and ours!

            Longhorn: Longhorn is a distributed storage platform that provides high-availability persistent block storage. In short, it backs Hibou Roost's ability to perform no-downtime deployments and manages our snapshot backups.

            GitLab CI/CD Pipelines: CI/CD stands for "Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery". When code is committed to your project's repository in GitLab, test and production merge requests are automatically created. Once reviewed and merged, the pipelines build automatically and - when complete - the latest code is deployed via Rancher by an Hibou employee.

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