Simplify Your Life With Odoo
At Least Your Business Anyhow
30 August, 2021 by
Simplify Your Life With Odoo
Cory Speaker
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A lot of small businesses use multiple systems to run their company. Things get disjointed, sometimes hard to navigate, or information that is needed in one application is simply not in another. Enter Odoo. 

Odoo is like an ERP a la carte! You can pick and choose the parts you need and build a system completely custom for you and your business. Need HR, Timesheets, and Planning? Simply add them to your account. Maybe your business is more in the manufacturing line of work and you need Inventory, MRP, and Purchase to secure the parts you need. You'll just add them to your Odoo account. Are you getting the picture? Without calling out names of those other systems, let's look at some areas of common businesses where multiple systems could be replaced by Odoo.


It really isn't important what platform you currently use for your online storefront. The fact is, Odoo offers a fully integrated system that covers just about every aspect you can think of. Your storefront should have an online checkout system that displays the items you have in stock in your Inventory, which should have traceability of who brought what in and where they put it, as well as making the schedule and reporting the time that that person used to move the items or get them ready to ship. With Odoo, all of those pieces are within one system


However you are currently doing your accounting, I'm sure it's fine. It most likely gets the job done. But does your current system allow you to go from a journal entry to it's related purchase order, then to the manufacturing order that kicked off that purchase? Could you then follow that manufacturing order to its related sale? The sale to its related quotation? That quotation to a lead that was simply an email address you gathered at a convention? Finally, does your current system allow you to jump to any one of those steps with one single click of your mouse? Odoo does. With everything being inside a single database, it's all connected. The branches of every reconciled line can be traced back to its roots with ease. And of course, all the things you would expect from an accounting application are there: Budgets, P&L, Bank Reconciliation, Fiscal Positions. Everything is at your fingertips.


There is that one program that excels at what it does. But with everything Odoo offers in the ways of business management, you can largely leave it behind. Because all of Odoo's apps feed information to and from one another. Keeping track of the ins-and-outs of daily business in a spreadsheet is no longer necessary. But hey, maybe you're one of those people that just love a good spreadsheet. I understand that, I respect it even! Odoo offers Documents, an easy to navigate application where you can upload or create your spreadsheets without having to copy information from an outside system. If you love the usefulness and organization of spreadsheets, then the usability and organization of Odoo could be just what you are looking for.

Project Management

Now this one has so many options, it can be difficult to settle on one for your company. But let me say this: Projects from Odoo includes all the features that other programs offer with the added bonus of its total integration to other Odoo apps. Easily set up a project pipeline, create tasks and assign them to specific people or teams. Schedule activities on the task like a reminder to send an email or make a phone call. Keep track of changes and communications with clients and coworkers in Chatter. Schedule meetings, attach related documents, and navigate every aspect of a project with ease. Not to mention that like everything else, Project feeds information to the rest of your apps to quickly jump from a project, to the client's contact, to the client's related sales history, and so much more.

So there you have it. Four areas that may all have different systems to run different aspects of your company that can be ditched in favor of Odoo. It makes things easier, it makes business run smoother, it just makes sense when every bit of information is connected to everything else. 

Simplify Your Life With Odoo
Cory Speaker
30 August, 2021
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