Odoo Experience Recap
Change is coming!
11 October, 2021 by
Odoo Experience Recap
Cory Speaker
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Last week we here at Hibou took part in the Odoo Experience 2021. If you haven't gotten the message, there are changes a plenty for anyone making that jump to Odoo 15.

We personally, ok, our dev team, have already began the work to migrate our Hibou Suite Modules to the new version. For anyone interested, Jared has been posting some things to keep in mind when migrating modules. If you check back on that link, chances are you'll find more and more notes as he uncovers more information worth sharing. 

Now clearly I can't give out every change in this post, I need to hold some of that content back and we will look at specific app breakdowns in future posts, I can, however, run down just a few key points from just the keynote that stood out to us. We'll look at specific app breakdowns in future posts.


The traditional WYSIWYG for Notes and the like is gone and we now have all new formatting tools and shortcuts. This one is going to take a second to get used to, but once we're familiar, we are excited to have a cleaner dialogue box.


Odoo is going for Zoom's jugular here as we now have video chat and screen share functionality. We have said before, we ourselves use Odoo to run our business and aside from Zoom and Slack, it's all Odoo. We will be interested to see how well Discuss handles these new functions to determine their viability in our own day to day work. 


We watched Fabien breeze through the website editor as he highlighted new image shapes, pre-made color palettes, and themes for a new site based on keywords alone. Already have branding colors? Input your color choices and let Odoo build a theme based on them. There are new blocks to be played with, new animations, button styles, and text gradients. Want to embed content on your site? Now, you can embed anywhere from anywhere!

Point of Sale

New integrations make online reservation and in-store pickup a snap. You can now check out product information by clicking the info icon to pull up inventory and variants. You can click on an attribute to filter product sets. Odoo 15 allows you to configure products in the PoS app. Need to reprint receipts or invoices from previous orders, you got it. You can now use barcode scanning for coupons and promotions. This of course is not everything PoS has new to show us, but it's enough of a start to get us interested in learning more.


Barcode scanning now allows us to scan a product and be filtered to possible receipts that contain that product. Barcode also now supports QR codes. You can set up rules based on a location to plan cycle counts. You can now scan a product and see each location that the product is contained in, as well as the stock quantities for each location. 

There seem to be little quality of life improvements all over the entire system. There also seem to be some pretty sizable changes here and there also. This of course is just a sampling, it's honestly not even close to all the improvements, but it's enough of a start to get us interested in learning more. Stay tuned as we uncover and unpack as we continue to dive into Odoo 15.

Odoo Experience Recap
Cory Speaker
11 October, 2021
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