To Persevere, We Must Adapt and Overcome.
22 October, 2021 by
Cory Speaker
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One of the most difficult parts of implementing a new system is letting go of what you are used to. We all get comfortable using programs and processes that we have used for years, that we know the ins and outs of, that have out of habit just become part of the everyday routine. But sometimes, decisions are made and we just have to roll with it!

Like in other parts of life, acceptance is often the first step. One thing to remember is that change is automatic, while progress is not. That is to say, rather than fight it, lean into it! A client's launch team works hand in hand with their project manager to ensure a successful launch. It is the client's job to know what they need for their operations to run, and it is our job to find the paths in Odoo that will meet those same goals, or make our own paths through creative solutions, to meet the same requirements a client had in the systems they are leaving. 

We as project managers will inevitably come head to head with clients who want Odoo software to look or act a certain way simply because that is what they are used to. But if the client wants something that looks and behaves exactly like a previous system, why are they moving to Odoo? Don't get me wrong, we have skilled and experienced developers who can work with Odoo's open source code and make just about any request or functionality a reality, it's just that sometimes, a solution may not require dev at all. Sometimes, a project just needs a solid manager to be both the good and the bad cop. 

We work closely with our clients to determine what is needed and provide the answers and training to help a team feel confident in making the jump to something new. We do this by having lots of open communication. We use Slack everyday. We have client calls every week, if not multiple times a week, to keep launch teams up to speed on the progress we are making in getting their project off the ground. And of course we use email. Lots and lots of emails. Sometimes our conversations are with end users who may not be the decision makers on their team, and sometimes those conversations can be tense as a user's emotions bubble up when talking about the fear or anxiety of jumping into the unknown. As good project managers, we quell those fears by giving assurances that things will be ok, that this new system is capable of whatever they need, and that once we have trained the users to use Odoo, they will love it.

We create enthusiasm for the change! We reiterate the benefits that will come from adopting a system such as Odoo: higher efficiency as all the apps work together to make running a business simple, which means higher productivity. Or maybe it just means more time to be spent in the breakroom to talk about how much easier things are. We are not here to judge how the time is spent! 

At the same time, we keep expectations realistic. We at Hibou are Odoo certified, we are Odoo partners. What that means is that basically, we have the experience and we know what we are talking about. If a client gives us a problem, or describes how something worked in their old system, it is up to us to determine how much of that problem can be handled with standard configuration, setup, and training, or if we need to create customizations. It is up to us to show the client the brave new world of an all-in-one ERP. Sometimes it will be on us as project managers to stand firm and convince a client that a new way is better, to put our foot down and say "trust us." 

So how about it? Are you tired of using multiple systems to run your business? Are you ready to work with a partner who is sympathetic and also knowledgable enough to hear your concerns and help you meet your goals? Are you ready to make a change? 

Cory Speaker
22 October, 2021
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