Automated Odoo Docker Images
Nightly builds on Docker Hub
19 January, 2017 by
Automated Odoo Docker Images
Jared Kipe
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I am proud to announce some new tags that augment the existing Odoo Docker builds by using the nightly source instead of going months between releases (mirroring Odoo's Docker releases).

How to Use

You can now append '-latest' to the existing images to get their equivalent version, but from the nightly releases.  For example if you currently use 'hibou/odoo:10.0' you can use 'hibou/odoo:10.0-latest' to get the very latest in patches and functionality tweaks.  If you use the 'latest' tag alone, you now get a 10.0-latest image. See all of the tags you can use on Hibou's Docker Hub.

The existing tags (e.g. 10.0) will continue to mirror Odoo's Docker release schedule.

Other Changes

Additionally, I have bumped the Python version from 2.7.12 to 2.7.13 across the board.

Happy Odooing!

Automated Odoo Docker Images
Jared Kipe
19 January, 2017
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