US Payroll 2017 for Odoo
Rules and Table Changes
30 December, 2016 by
US Payroll 2017 for Odoo
Jared Kipe
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The new year is right around the corner (as in, one day away) and that means changes are in the works for federal and state payroll rates. So, to free you up for celebrations and a stress-free start to the year, we’ve condensed the changes down to a “what you need to know” list!


  • Nonresident Alien additional withholding has been increased across the board

  • Social Security wage limit has increased from $118,500 to $127,200

  • Percentage Method Tables for Income Tax Withholding have received subtle breakpoint and amount changes across the board

Ohio & Florida

  • No significant changes to rates, calculations and maximums noted

  • New company-specific field for 2017 rate

All changes have been incorporated into Hibou’s Odoo US Payroll module, which you can find on GitHub.


As a reminder, remember that you will need to add accounts to the new salary rules as needed.  (mainly rules that don't have the word 'Wages' in their title)

If you’re missing the tech how-to for self-installation or don’t see your state on the list, we can help with that! State payroll requirements are added on an as-needed basis, so contact us today and simplify your business with Hibou Payroll in 2017!

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US Payroll 2017 for Odoo
Jared Kipe
30 December, 2016
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