North Carolina Payroll Now Available

in Hibou's Odoo Suite

Brandi James

Get ready to take flight: If you have employees in North Carolina and want to manage your payroll in Odoo, look no further! North Carolina has been added to our collection of payroll modules in  Hibou's Odoo Suite.

The North Carolina Implementation accounts for North Carolina income tax withholdings and unemployment insurance rates. If you are a new employer you can apply for a UI Tax Number with the NC Division of Employment Security.

If you're not familiar with our US Payroll for Odoo modules, they provide everything you need to successfully manage all federal, and select state, withholdings. Specifically:

  • FICA (Social Security and Medicare)

  • Additional Medicare calculations

  • FUTA (Federal Unemployment)

  • Federal Income Tax withholding

With an intuitive separation of employee and company contribution registers, as well as contacts and contribution registers for the tax entities that you must remit the withholdings to, we make it easy for you to confidently manage your organization's payroll.