Getting Timesheets on Payslip

New Add-On Module for Payroll

Jared Kipe

Often companies need a way to track time and attendance for employees.  Odoo's built in Timesheet module provides a good mechanism for doing just that.

However, it stops short of being able to pull that information onto a Payslip so that you can pay the employee based on actual worked time.

Introducing Hibou's Payroll Timesheet Module

This new module automatically gathers any approved timesheet attendances and adds a worked day line with the real worked days and time.

Additionally, there is a new field on Employee Contracts for designating an employee as 'Paid Hourly'. (underneath 'Wage')

Though this module does not do so, you can easily modify your salary rules to combine the 'Paid Hourly' and the new worked days calculation to pay your employees an hourly rate.

You can learn more on the official project page

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