A New Year + New Improvements in US Payroll for Odoo

We Want Your Feedback!

Kaylie Kipe

It's true; 2019 is here but updated rates for US Payroll in Odoo are lagging behind. If you're curious about the delay, it's really quite straightforward: We want to make the categorization, naming scheme, and yearly rate changes more straightforward and easier than ever to use!

It's not just the general user that will see improvements, either. To date, each year a new field (or, in the case of some states, several new fields) is added to a base model for each state in order to manage the new rates. With this refactor, year-specific naming conventions will go away and rules will include either:

  • Last year and current year calculations

  • Or include some other mechanisms for providing timely calculations. (e.g. simple rate multiplications)

We would very much welcome your inputs on this refactor.  Please comment below, or on the associated issue in GitLab.