Payroll in Odoo 11.0
talk from Odoo Experience 2017
6 October, 2017 by
Payroll in Odoo 11.0
Kaylie Kipe
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Hibou was lucky enough to both attend and give a talk at Odoo Experience 2017! So, what did we present on at the largest Odoo event of the year?

Payroll, of course! Jared walked a packed room through the basic Payroll categories and calculations that are automatically available at the time of the Payroll app installation. From there, the room participated in creating a simple, new deduction before moving on to a more complex withholding (401k, anyone?).

Extra bonus? This is all on Odoo v11, which was just released the day of the talk. #CuttingEdge

Watch the video below for the full recording of the talk - don't worry, you can. easily see the slides - and let us know if you have any questions as you implement your own payroll!


Payroll in Odoo 11.0
Kaylie Kipe 6 October, 2017
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