Payroll by Badges
The end of compulsory raise reviews?
29 July, 2019 by
Payroll by Badges
Jared Kipe

In a typical company, employees and managers wait until the end of some sort of 'period' (usually yearly) to provide the employee with a review. For the best employees, this probably means that the employee will list achievements and additional duties that they have taken on, and management responds with corresponding compensation. Here at Hibou, we want to provide recognition and immediate benefits when employees take on additional responsibilities, certifications, and otherwise prove themselves.

I am pleased to announce a new Payroll add-on to add monetary benefits to earning Gamification Badges, aptly named Payroll Gamification hr_payroll_gamification on GitLab.

Functionality and Options

The functionality works by adding new fields onto Gamification Badges Types: Payroll Type (Fixed or Period), and Payroll Amount.

The Payroll Amount is simply summed for eligible Gamification Badges to put onto a Payslip Input line with the code BADGES.

So what makes a Badge "eligible" for payroll purposes?  Well obviously the badge needs to be for the employee on the payslip, but also the badge must have one of those new Payroll Types assigned to it.

Payroll Type: Fixed - Used when you want granting the badge is essentially permanent or raise like. When a badge of this type is granted or earned, the amount for that badge will go onto every newly created payslip (regardless of grant date).

Payroll Type: Granted in Pay Period - Used when you want the badge amount to only be added to a payslip that covers the date the badge was granted.  These badge grants will not contribute to the badge bonus on future payslips  (unless of course you grant them again).

The module provides a salary rule that adds this amount to the BASIC category.


Hibou uses these internally to allow specialization in a role to have direct monetary rewards.  Our team discussed and implemented various badges types that have real benefits for achieving, mostly focusing on the "Fixed" type where the badges are granted by management when key events take place such as completing Odoo functional certification or giving client trainings on certain applications.

The "Period" types would probably be better suited for temporary recognition, maybe for the highest sale closed in a month or most positive survey responses for closed tickets.

Can you think of ways to leverage this for your own company?  Please share your ideas in the comments below send us a message here.

Payroll by Badges
Jared Kipe 29 July, 2019
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