Payroll 2022 & Beyond!
Automated Payroll Rate Delivery
28 January, 2022 by
Payroll 2022 & Beyond!
Jared Kipe

With the start of a new year comes many things for residents of the United States;  the NFL Super Bowl, this year's Covid variant, and of course, the new year's tax & withholding rates from the State and Federal governments!

In the past, we have waited to publish updates for a couple of weeks, but users would occasionally need to check back in to get code and rate updates.  The former (code) updates will still need to happen, but we have taken the first step to alleviate the need to pull code just to get new rates.

Introducing Payroll Updates!

An Odoo 13<->15 Enterprise parameter code updating mechanism compatible with our US payroll (and others). Payroll Updates API service from Hibou  will fetch and update payroll parameter values and dates directly.

How do Payroll Updates work?

On a scheduler, or manually, you can create a Payroll Update object that will collect a list of installed Hibou Payroll modules and send the list of modules to Hibou.  Hibou will find rates and reply with all of the latest rates.  The Payroll Update object processes the result and displays a list of parameter codes that were received.

Additionally, the result log can indicate that a payroll code was not found in your database, strongly indicating that you need a code level upgrade if that parameter code is useful to you. As an example, let's say that you received us_wa_cares_rate_ee back as unknown but you are not in Washington State? You can probably just ignore it!

Besides just missing codes, you can intentionally lock a Rule Parameter object to prevent it from receiving updates. A downloaded parameter code that is locked will indicate as much in the Payroll Update log.

Let's take a quick look at how it works:


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Payroll 2022 & Beyond!
Jared Kipe 28 January, 2022
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