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Hibou Odoo Suite: HR Holidays Accrual


HR Holidays Accrual allows you to grant leave allocations by simply adding a tag to an employee, making employee leave allocation easier than ever.

Getting Started

First thing's first, we want to install the module! Navigate to the Apps application and search for 'HR Holidays Accrual'. When ready, click the Install button.

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  Good to know!

This module requires the HR Holidays module. However, if you do not already have this module installed, Odoo will install it for you during this module's installation!


To get started, navigate to the Leaves application.

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Creating a new Leave Allocation

Once there, click My Leaves and then Allocation Request

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Create a new Allocation by clicking the Create button.

Here you will see the Allocation Request form. This is where we're going to create the Leave Allocation we want to assign by using an Employee Tag. Add a Description, if desired and choose a Leave Type from the dropdown menu (or Create one on the fly). Then, fill in the number of days in the Duration field. In the Mode dropdown, select 'By Employee Tag'. After making this selection, the Employee dropdown will change to an Employee Tag dropdown. Create a new tag by clicking Create and Edit from the bottom of this dropdown menu. Enter the desired name for your new tag and hit the Save button. Make sure to check the checkbox for the new 'Grant by Tag' field.

When ready, hit the Save button followed by the Approve button.

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Be careful when using existing tags! If there is an existing employee with this tag, they will recieve the allocation outright once it has been approved!

Tagging an Employee to Grant the Leave Allocation

Now, let's go back to the main menu and navigate to the Employees application.

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Click on the Employee you'd like to grant the newly created Leave Allocation to. Once in the Employee form view, hit the Edit button. Select the recently created tag from the dropdown menu underneath the Name field. Once the tag has been applied,  hit the Save button. In the Leaves Left button above the employee info, the new amount of Leave Allocation days is now displayed!

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The tag can be reused as many times as needed, so go ahead and tag all of the other Employees that require the same Leave Allocation.


This module adds a new field grant_by_tag for the `hr.holidays` model. This field acts as a flag to create a new Leave Allocation once the tag is applied to the Employee.