Business Pain Points Survey

Thank you for taking a few minutes to complete our survey on business pain points. The information you provide will help us understand how businesses, including yours, use software in their daily operations.

Software Usage

How many different applications do you use for core business processes (e.g. Sales, CRM, Accounting, Purchasing, Manufacturing, Order Fulfillment, etc.)?

What software do you uses for sales (providing quotes and taking orders)?

What software do you use for customer relationship management (CRM)?

What software do you use for accounting?

What software do you use for purchasing and manufacturing?

What software do you use for HR and recruiting?

Business Pain Points

What type of business are you in – what products or services do you provide?

On average, how many hours per week are spent on administrative tasks such as accounting, purchasing, HR, etc.?

List 5 repetitive tasks that you do on a regular basis for your business.

What problems are costing you the most in your business – either in money or time?

If there was one thing that you could change about your business, what would it be (please exclude more customers/money, etc.)?

Thank You!

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