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Web Date Warning

Provides warnings for date field entries that fall outside of a user-specified range, with the goal of reducing data entry errors.

  • For any date or date/time picker, set the threshold that should trigger the warning
  • Allows you to set a threshold for past, future or both
  • In addition to displaying warning text, will also display how many days in the past or future the selected date is

On a record with the date or date/time picket you wish to add the warning to, edit the form view and create an inherited view. Target the field name and include the following details:

widget="date-warn" if the field is a date picker

widget="datetime-warn" if the field is a date/time picker

options="{'warn_future': 90}" to set a threshold for future dates where 90 is the number of days

And/or options="{'warn_past': 30}" to set a threshold for past dates where 30 is the number of days


<field name="date_invoice" widget="date-warn" options="{'warn_future': 90, 'warn_past': 30}"/>