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Odoo Accounting: Cancelling Journal Entries


The purpose of this documentation is to outline the use caseĀ and processes associated with cancelling journal entries in Odoo.

Getting Started

First thing's first, we want to install the module! Navigate to the Apps application and search for 'Cancel Journal Entries'. When ready, click the Install button.

Good to Know!

This module requires the Accounting application. However, if you do not already have this application installed, Odoo will install it for you during this module's installation!


To get started, navigate to the Accounting application.
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Configuring the Journal

Before you can cancel entries, you must first configure the journal to allow cancellation.

Click on Configuration and then Journals.

You will see a list of all journals. Click on the journal that contains the entries you wish to cancel. Once there, click the Edit button, then navigate to the Advanced Settings tab and check the box to 'Allow Cancelling Entries'.

When ready, hit the Save button.

Cancelling the Journal Entry

Next, you'll find the journal entry you wish to cancel.

An easy way to do this is to navigate to the document, such as a Customer Invoice or Vendor Bill, and click on the linked Journal Entry in the Other Info tab.

Once you're on the journal entry, click Cancel Entry.

This will move the journal entry back to Unposted, at which point it can be edited and posted again, if needed.


To Cancel or Not to Cancel

In general, you do not want to make a habit of cancelling journal entries as accounting documents are legal documents. While you may occasionally need to cancel entries, it is best practice to uninstall the Cancel Journal Entries module after each use. This can help prevent cancelling journal entries from becoming a habit.