HR: Employees Configuration: Company and Employee Working Hours


The purpose of this document is to walk your through how to set working hours for your company and your employees in the Odoo Employees application.


To get started, navigate to the Employees application.
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Company Working Hours

Once there, select Configuration > Settings. The default working hours will be set to Standard 40 Hours/Week

The Standard 40 Hours/Week reflects availability from 8AM - 5PM, Monday-Friday UTC time and allots for a one hour lunch break on each work day. 

If you would like to modify this workweek, select the  icon next to the workweek’s name and a modal will pop out allowing you to modify the workweek to fit your company’s schedule. 

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You can change the name of the schedule for easier reference.

Average hour per day: Input the average number of hours that your business operates. 

Timezone: You can set the timezone that your company uses to run its schedule/determine working hours. This could be helpful for multi-timezone workforces to know the master timezone that the company uses. 

You can modify any of the existing lines by selecting them under the Working Hours tab. 

  • Name: Input the name for your work period. 

  • Day of the Week: Select the day of the week this work period will be used for. 

  • Work from: Select the starting time for this work period. 

  • Work to: Select the ending time for this work period. 

  • Starting Date: If you would like this work period to be temporary, you can set a start date for it here. 

  • End Date: Input the end date for this work period. 

  • Day Period: Input the period of the day that this work period relates to. 

You can also add any additional lines as needed by selecting the ADD A LINE button.  

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You can set a holiday calendar for your company and pre-schedule global days off for your entire team. 

On theGlobal Leaves tab, select the Add a line button to schedule a new Global Leave. 

  • Reason: Input the reason for the global day off. 

  • Start Date: Select the start date for the holiday period. 

  • End Date: Select the end date for the holiday period. 

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Once your working hours and global leaves are set, hit the Save button to keep your changes. 

Employee Working Hours

To set your Employee working hours, navigate to Employees and select the employee that you would like to set the working hours for.

Click the Edit button on the employee record. 

Under the Working Hours selection, you can choose from any of the pre-made schedules from your working hours calendar. Note that, by default, the Company Working Hours will be automatically selected for newly created employees.

If you need to create different working hours for each employee, you can select the create and edit button. 

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This will bring up a new modal where you can modify the schedule to reflect the employee’s standard availability and expected working hours. 

Your employees can have their own timezone set for their schedule. If your employee’s timezone differs from the timezone of the company, you can set the employee specific timezone here.  

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Good to Know!

The employee working hours will be used in Odoo for things like forecasting where Odoo will make sure that the employee you are forecasting for is available during the time you are trying to schedule them for. 

The Odoo database will use the user's timezone to display the calendar, even if the parent company's timezone is different. 

Once you have your Employee Working Hours set, click Save.