What Does 2022 Have In Store For Hibou?
Stepping Into The Future With Odoo
17 December, 2021 by
What Does 2022 Have In Store For Hibou?
Cory Speaker
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I recently put up an article regarding what my 2021 looked like: my joining of Hibou, the things I have learned, projects I have taken on, basically the last nine months of my professional life. Today I am going to look forward to 2022. What lies in store not so much for me specifically, but for my company as a whole. Ok, and maybe a little about myself specifically. 

I'll start by saying that we believe in the products we use to help our clients achieve their own business goals, and part of that means embracing Odoo internally. Our entire business runs on Odoo. Our accounting, our planning, our CRM, and projects, all handled in Odoo. Calendar, Help Desk, Live Chat and Sales. Odoo. Now, that being the case, we are living a bit in the past right now as we are using Odoo 13. All of that will soon change though as we are in the process of migrating to the recently released Odoo 15. This will be the first time we have ever jumped right into a new version and we are very excited for the changes to come with it. 

A couple of those things are the improvements made to Social and Email Marketing. Yes, yes, I know: those things existed before v15, but they will be new to us. We will be jumping from hootsuite to post to our social accounts and instead, handle all of our scheduling and posting in the new and improved Social Marketing application. I know that while ERP's might be a fairly niche market, there are people out there who want what we got, and we are going to use Odoo to get it to them. Part of that will be live and pre-recorded YouTube casts where we can host Odoo discussions or post demonstrations of Odoo applications and our own Hibou Suite modules. We will also be looking to expand from our Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter offerings and begin to include Instagram, Pinterest, and Reddit. 

Another thing that we are already in the process of doing, is the completion of the annual updating of our extensive documentation. Hundreds of pages covering most of Odoo's core apps, from configuration to step by step workflows. We know our docs are good, dare I say great, as we have had many site visitors, clients, even Odoo partners praise us on the thoroughness and extent of our documentation. We update these every year with the release of a new version and are currently about halfway through in getting our functional docs to v15. On top of that, we are going through our Hibou Suite module documentation and updating all of those as well, beginning with the docs associated to the modules we sell on our Shop page, and those we are asked about most often. Payroll, anyone? 

In 2022, Hibou is looking to grow! We are already in the process of hiring more teammates to assist in that growth by filling out our Dev roaster depth to be able to offer more resources to our existing and future clients. We also already have clients reaching out to us to fit them in for their own Odoo version migrations, initial implementations, and project customizations for early next year. (Contact us if you want to get on this list before it is too late!) We are looking to expand our module and hosting offerings, and have already migrated most of our existing modules to v15. 

Maybe you who are reading this are not already fans or followers of our work, so you don't know when a new module is available, or when we have a cast coming up, or when an app's documentation is updated. Fear not! For those who want it, we will be implementing a monthly newsletter to keep everyone up to date on the moves we are making.

As for me personally? Almost everything I have listed is entwined with my personal responsibilities. I'll be posting on our current and new social platforms. I'll be hosting or involved in live casts. I'll be keeping us on track in getting all of that lovely documentation updated and published. I'll be writing those newsletters most likely! I'll continue to be the primary contact for new leads and opportunities, setting up demos and sales calls. I'll be assisting in testing our own migrations, as well as those of our clients whose migrations are already underway. In short, I'm going to be busy!

We've got a big year ahead of us, full of big ambition and even bigger drive to succeed. Keep your browsers on Hibou.io to stay on top of our progress, or even better, contact us to be a part of it. We're excited to be here, and we're excited for where we are going. Come with us. 

What Does 2022 Have In Store For Hibou?
Cory Speaker
17 December, 2021
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