Employee Spotlight: Meet Mara!
28 June, 2021 by
Employee Spotlight: Meet Mara!
Cory Speaker
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Team Hibou

Virtual workforces are becoming the new norm, and Hibou is no exception. Our team members come from a variety of different backgrounds, and are scattered across the United States.

When working with remote companies, it's always helpful to put a face to a name, so we welcome you to the next entry of our Employee Spotlight pieces!

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It's rare to find such an outwardly caring person sometimes in this world, but when you grow up with southern manners as she did, you reach out in ways that others may not.  Mara is one of those people.  Always quick to ask in earnest how you are doing, willing to be a sounding board for problems work related or otherwise, Mara is here for you, and we at Hibou couldn't be happier.  I say we learn just a bit more about her, let's meet Mara!

What is Mara's role at Hibou and what does that look like on a daily basis? 

Being a Senior Project Manager, newly signed clients meet with Mara with summaries of their daily workflows, an accounting strategy, and a launch date, she takes it from there. Every client has a different story and pain points in their operations, and many are trying to move away from multiple legacy systems at once, which can be challenging, but it's a challenge that Mara rises to daily. 

She will walk the client through Odoo's stock functionality, tour their old systems to see what works, what needs improving, and what can be replicated in a more efficient way within Odoo. Mara then begins filling the gaps by way of meetings and trainings to show clients a better path forward. If she can't make something work with a simple configuration, then she will outline a custom solution or workflow with the client, see that through with our dev team, and then implement the new method and train the client to use it. 

Flexibility is key, but Mara tends to specialize in data mapping, imports, and workflow development. 

What was Mara up to before coming to Hibou?

While the bulk of Mara's work experience was actually in a different industry altogether, she met Hibou's founders (Jared and Kaylie) through happenstance.   Leaving the restaurant business behind, she packed up her coffee grinder and moved to Montana to be on-site help for an Hibou client. In any given moment though, she could walk you through the inner workings of the food service industry, or wax poetic about coffee beans and brews, before jumping right in to discussing Odoo's capabilities for any business' needs.  The first hand expertise that Mara holds is a benefit to all who work with her. 

What is Mara's favorite thing about being on Team Hibou?

Never being bored! Pondering puzzles and defeating deadlines is all part of the job, and it's like the job was made for Mara.  Being supported by an amazing team that are all actively learning together everyday, makes it a privilege to intersect with one another's lives. 

What’s something new or helpful that Mara has learned  since joining the company?
Once on a call with a landscaping client, she was taught how to propagate her gardenia AND how to navigate a Union Payroll system. There may not be a lot of personal practical application for it, but the know-how for the processes of anodizing metals and the use of CNC machines is all part of daily life now, after just a few years working with Hibou's clients. 

Enough about work! Outside of Hibou, what sorts of things does Mara like to do with her time? 

Outside of work, Mara enjoys curling up with her son and their giant dog to watch and/or play Pokemon, learning about new plant types, or just kicking back and enjoying life quiet moments.   


And that's it for now! Thanks for checking this post out and don't forget to explore my awesome teammates' Spotlight articles!

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Employee Spotlight: Meet Mara!
Cory Speaker
28 June, 2021
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