Doc Updates Update!
Hibou's Odoo 15 Docs Are Almost Complete
18 February, 2022 by
Doc Updates Update!
Cory Speaker
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Ok, ok, so maybe not new, but refurbished? Updated for sure, and if you ask me, updated makes what was old new again. Semantics! Odoo 15 came out a few months ago and we are finally (almost) done with the giant undertaking that is updating all of our FREE documentation to reflect the changes in the new version of Odoo. 

I say this in my sales calls, I post it to our social media, I send links in my emails to this documentation: We use our own documentation when onboarding new employees in their path to becoming Odoo Functionally Certified. We are very proud of it. We know plenty of Odoo users, including other partners, whether they admit it publicly or not, head to because we do a good job of curating these docs, including the changes that come with each new version. Not only the text, but new screenshots, new workflows. We really try to have the bases covered. 

Took this down from the refrigerator to share with you. We all have one. No big deal.

Like I said before, this is a pretty big project to keep up with. In the past, we were updating some app's docs 8, even 10 months after a new version release. While I am not quite done yet (Inventory and Website/eCommerce remain on my to-do list but we do have up to v14 available), I do want to take this platform I have to direct you to what has been completed so far! I'll start by saying that while Odoo has a lot of apps, like, a lot of apps, we focus primarily on the apps needed in order to get a certificate like mine. We also have dozens more doc pages on our own Hibou Suite modules, so check those out too. 

We'll start with one of the biggest, most complex applications: Accounting. This app is a beast and with good reason. There are a lot of pieces that go into keeping a company's books in order. We cover just about everything from Configuration to common workflows. Invoices to Vendor Bills. Reconciliation Models to Chart of Accounts

We also have CRM and Sales which are technically two separate apps but we think they go together like Forrest Gump and Similes.  We go over setting up Sales Teams to managing Pipelines. RFQ's to Confirmed Sale Orders. I really can't list everything here, there is just too much, this article would become too long, and I'm trying to keep that bounce rate low!

Moving on to Purchase where we play the hits: Pricelists, Over-Receiving Product, creating Bills to get paid! 

We have Timesheets, we have Surveys, even a couple on Studio (though I gotta be honest, we trust our devs when they say source-controlled in code is the best way to make changes that won't break during a know what? Let's not get into it). 

You want to learn about Marketing? Email campaigns? Spreadsheets and documents? We got you fam! (I'm told that is how the youth speak these days. Forgive me for being old and less cool with each passing day.) 

We get into the Project app to discuss Tags and Activity Types. Even Planning and Reporting. I am just today publishing the last page of updates for Manufacturing, so if you want to know about Multi-level BoMs (I recently wrote an article about this as well which you can find here, spoiler alert, it's nerdy) and Work Centers, we have just the doc for you. 

It's quite a lot, I assure you. And all free to use whenever you need it. If you want more? Check out our courses where Kaylie takes you through common workflows for some of the core apps like  CRM+Sales, Purchase, and Manufacturing. Want a taste before you order? Check out a sample in our Essentials course at no charge. 

My timeline has me wrapping up the last couple apps by March and when I complete that last app, rest assured I will be UPDATING (like the docs, get it?) this blog and throwing links to it in all my normal avenues. Until then, click these links I have posted! Leave me a comment, if not to tell us how good the docs are then to tell me how bad my jokes are. Or send us a request for documentation on something we may have missed!

Doc Updates Update!
Cory Speaker
18 February, 2022
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