Payroll Holiday Module

new for Odoo v10

Jared Kipe

Holiday. Vacation. Leave.

We all enjoy time off from work occasionally, and so do our employees. But what’s better than time off? Getting paid for it, of course! Even better for administrators is a built-in way to track and incorporate paid time off onto payslips.

We've got you covered and you can easily do just that with the features of Hibou’s Payroll Holidays for Odoo! A perfect companion to Hibou's HR Payroll Timesheet, Payroll Holidays places all approved leaves under a worked days line of the Leave Type name.



  • Only brings over Leaves from the same period as the payslip

  • Only brings over approved Leaves

  • Only brings over Leaves not 'Reported in last payslip' (avoids Leaves that are indicated as having already been paid out)

  • Upon confirmation of payslip, marks Leaves as 'Reported in last payslip'

  • Open Source on Github


Give Your Payroll a Holiday!