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Hibou Odoo Suite: Walmart Connector


Installation is easy, assuming that you have all of the pieces...  

All `connector` modules require a significant number of OCA modules as well as python packages. For the easiest time, use the bundled/linked versions of all of the libraries found in this repository and Hibou's maintained Docker Images.

Configuration Files: Your Odoo configuration (typically at /etc/odoo/odoo.conf ) will need a couple of things to function properly.

Add `queue_job` as a server wide module like so

server_wide_modules = web,dbfilter_from_header,queue_job

Configure the number of queue workers by appending a section like this to the end of your file.


channels = root:1,root.magento:1,root.walmart:1

Make sure that you restart your Odoo installation after getting all of the requirements and configuration in order.